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Rick has been a part of our professional development every year since 2002—we think of him as one of our own. Teachers choose his sessions to attend—off contract time—and he fills the room each time! Rick effortlessly blends research, common sense and humor to make each learning experience a memorable one. If you want someone to spark a dialogue about tough topics—like grading and homework practice—Rick is the one who can do that. He is so generous with his materials and time—we have many teachers who have active email exchanges with him! Each new book that Rick Wormeli writes is better than the one before, and each is filled with practical advice and ideas born of sound research. In a recent interview for a district leadership position, we asked the candidate whose work she followed. Her response began, “Well, Rick Wormeli, of course!” When I have a big question on my mind, I email Rick. He answers and never disappoints in the professional dialogue that follows!

Jan Heinen, Ph.D., Director of Instructional Support Program, Olathe Public Schools, Kansas

There is no one I can recommend more highly than Rick Wormeli.  He is truly an educational genius.  Rick is the rare educator that has the ability to blend research and practice in a clear and understandable way.  Every time I read his work, hear him present or have any interaction with him it makes me a better person.  Rick has unlimited energy and is incredibly fun to learn from.  He has so many gifts to share with educators and we are fortunate to have his impact on education.  He makes the educational work a better place.

Todd Whitaker, Professor, Best-Selling Author, Educational Leader

Engaging, relevant, passionate, thoughtful, practical and original--each of these words aptly defines the qualities of Rick Wormeli. More than any single word, Rick is a champion of solid quality teaching and learning. His work wraps you in, holds your attention and challenges your thinking. Through Rick Wormeli’s expertise, I’ve become a better teacher, leader and learner!

Richard Cash, Education Consultant, Expert on Gifted/Differentiated Instruction, Self-Regulation, Cognitive Science

For any educator seeking to reform grading within their organization, Rick is the answer! Rick challenges the status quo of grading practices rooted in tradition, opening up a new and exciting future by presenting the latest research, common sense thinking, and solutions for the many grading obstacles perceived by teachers, administrators, students and parents. As an assistant superintendent charged with changing the grading mindset of PK-12 educators, Rick has been our rock, offering his time, energy and expertise throughout the years, and we are proud to say, we are on the move toward evolved grading practices that center on each individual student’s learning thanks to him!

Dawn Wilczynski, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, North Syracuse Central School District, North Syracuse, New York

Rick Wormeli is, without question, the best speaker MASSP has used for our spring conference over the past seven years. Evaluations from our participants (secondary school principals and assistant principals) provide him top marks.  We have actually had him come to Maryland on two occasions, and best of all, each time he delivered unique, thoughtful, humorous and pertinent presentations. Folks can actually immediately take back ideas to their schoolhouse and use them after spending time with Rick. I wish I could say that about all of our speakers, but sadly, I cannot. Rick is the best and his fees are very reasonable to boot.

Rick has a brilliant way with words and he is very funny, but what makes him a great presenter is that he is a complete expert on his content and he engages participants in superb professional learning and growth.

Ken O'Connor, author, How to Grade for Learning, Fourth edition, Assess For Success Consulting Inc

Scott Pfeifer, executive director, MASSP,  Ellicott City, Maryland

Rick is the consummate educator/presenter. Recently he completed a set of sessions for IL ASCD and his individual interest in each attendee was superb. He is one of our most popular presenters and is very easy to work with from a planners' perspective.

Bill Dodds, Ph.D., executive director, IL ASCD

Larry Ferlazzo, high school teacher, Education Week columnist, author of nine books on education issues including student motivation, teaching English Language Learners and parent engagement

Many education consultants lose much of their "edge" and their "connectedness" to the daily life of a teacher once they leave the classroom. Rick Wormeli is one of the few who has maintained—if not increased—both! You can count me among the tens of thousands of educators who have benefited from his clear-eyed thinking about the key issues facing our schools today.

Rick has been instrumental in our district's journey to standards-based learning and grading. Over the past five years he has inspired us, challenged us and supported us as we navigated the stages of implementation. Early on he came to our school, talked to parents, and helped us prioritize the hard work we had ahead; he was there for us through the depths of the "implementation dip," responding to desperate emails, working with groups of us at conferences, and reminding us of the purpose; and he has continued to support and champion the hard work and successes of our teachers. Rick is unwavering in his dedication to education, and we can't wait to continue to work with and be inspired by him.

Emily Rickema and Stan Williams, proficiency-based learning leaders at Champlain Valley School District, Vermont

When we founded our middle school back in 2004, Rick's work helped form the foundations and principles upon which the new program was built. Ever since, he has continued to inspire us to think deeply about what is best for middle school kids, and the success of our program is due in no small part to his influence

Bill Ivey, Middle School Dean, Stoneleigh-Burnham School

Rick Wormeli's videos on homework were the catalyst that brought about a complete change in my math classroom six years ago. Since then, the focus has been on student learning and I have Rick Wormeli to thank for that.

Kirk Humphreys, TAP math teacher (gifted math teacher), Caruso Middle School, Deerfield School District #109, Deerfield, Illinois

Rick's ability to present research-based concepts with practical and useful take-away is second to none. He is realistic and humorous. Most of all, his passion for his students' education bleeds through.

Ryan Nevius, Illinois ASCD assistant director, Normal, Illinois

During my tenure as a building leader for twenty-two years, I had the privilege to learn from Rick Wormeli, one of the best our profession has to offer. Not only did I benefit from his wisdom, knowledge, thought-provoking ideas, and genuine passion for teaching and learning, hundreds of my staff members who I was proud to share his work with also benefitted in countless positive ways. Throughout the course of his remarkable career, Rick has been a true champion for students and a genuine partner for educators who wanted to bring their best for their students and for their colleagues. If you are committed to wanting to provide the best possible professional learning opportunities for your team, then be sure to include Rick in your PD plans moving forward.

Jimmy Casas, Senior Fellow, International Center for Leadership in Education, Educator, Author, Speaker.

For nearly 20 years, I've followed Rick Wormeli's work, read and reviewed his books, published his articles, and moderated his involvement in a large online community of middle grades educators. Teachers love him, are inspired by him, and respect not only his professional knowledge but his deep understanding of the work they do and the kids they teach.

John Norton, Founder and Co-Editor of

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