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This list contains some of Rick's favorite articles he has written, organized by date. Please post and comment, question, offer suggestions or share thoughts sparked from this list in the response below.

Key to Motivation: Student Agency

November 2020

Upsetting the Apple Cart Not Always a Bad Thing

Pandemic challenges to schools provide opportunities to invigorate and transform instruction and assessment

August 2020

Descriptive Feedback Tips for Teachers and Parents

May 2020

Q&A: COVID-19: Helping Students Develop the Motivation to Invest in their Learning While Sheltering at Home

April 2020

Specific, Candid, and Helpful Responses to Expressions of Racism and Bias

Tools for rehearsing responses to expressions of bias and racism in ourselves and others

April 2020

Using Remote Teaching Under COVID-19 Sheltering as a Way to Become Creative

Narration for Zoom session from March 26, 2020

March 2020

Twitter Thread on Assessment and Grading in Sudden, Extended, Online Teaching and Learning

March 2020

Panic Anxiety Disorders in Middle School Students

Informed educators can have a positive impact on students who are struggling.

January 2020

Time for Teaching and Planning

This article was originally submitted for AMLE’s Middle Ground magazine. It ran in its February 2013 issue. It has been updated several times since then. This is a ceaseless working draft, typos, weekly new ideas, and all. This version has been updated as of late 2019. – RCW

Updated November 2019

Microaggressions in the Classroom

Discussion and disruption to reduce and end harmful language and behaviors

October 2019

Getting to Know Our Students

A successful school year starts—and continues—with knowing well the students we serve

August 2019

It's Worth Getting Up to Speed on School Law

Knowing laws that affect educators can clarify rights and responsibilities and minimize negative consequences

April 2019

Humor? Yes, Please!

Embracing humor in the classroom invites creativity, reduces stress, and enhances retention

February 2019

The Problem with "Show Me the Research" Thinking

Understanding the limitations of education research and accepting responsibility for contributing to moving it forward

October 2018

Grit and Growth Mindset: Deficit Thinking?

Examining the Cultural Narrative Around These Ideologies

August 2018

Author Interview with Rick Wormeli: 'Fair Isn't Always Equal'

June 2018

By Larry Ferlazzo

The Grief of Accepting New Ideas

April 2018

Memorization Still Matters

February 2018

Reflective Coaching: Training for All Teachers

October 2017

Cheating and Plagiariazing

August 2017

Busting Myths about Differentiated Instruction

August 2017

We Have to Prepare Students for the Next Level, Don’t We?

February 2017

Let's Talk About Racism in Schools

November 2016

Do Teachers Remain Neutral or Share their Beliefs with Students?

October 2016

What to Do in Week One?

September 2016

Graphic Representations of Student Achievement

August 2016

Middle School, Not Junior High

January 2016

Contributing by Writing

January 2015

Moving Students from Passive Consumers to Active Creators

August 2015

Motivating Young Adolescents

September 2014

Patient and Tenacious Teaching

August 2014

The Intellectual Life of Teachers

May 2014

Principles First

October 2013

Looking at Executive Function

August 2013

Bring Class Discussions to Life

January 2013

It's Time to Stop Averaging Grades

October 2012

The Fundamentals—Part 1

August 2012

The Fundamentals—Part 2

August 2012

Twitter NE1?

August 2012

iCivics—Sandra Day O'Connor's Interactive Digital Media

April 2012

Redos and Retakes Done Right

November 2011

Say "Yes" to Lectures

October 2010

Making Sense: More Than Making Meaning

August 2010

Honor Roll? Really?

February 2010

Accountability: Teaching Through Assessment and Feedback, Not Grading

Summer 2006

Making Field Trips Matter

Middle Ground Magazine

This was written for a middle school magazine, but the principles apply to high school and elementary school fieldtrips as well. It was written over a decade ago, so the online sources may or may not be available still. I’d be happy to talk with readers of the article about any of its content, if that would be helpful. Use to contact me. – Rick Wormeli

June 2006

Differentiating for Tweens

April 2006

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