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Explore dozens of topics on which Rick regularly presents and writes, from cultivating creativity to differentiated instruction. Find those along with inquiry info here.



Rick has authored nine books on education and countless articles. Find those and an assortment of videos and podcasts on topics from homework to leadership around the site.


In our information-dominant world, the resources on best education practices are growing and changing daily. Here are some of Rick's favorite resources, organized by topic.

About Rick

Rick Wormeli is an experienced classroom and building educator who now writes professional articles and education books while training teachers, principals, superintendents, business organizations, school boards, and parents in North America and around the world. Emphasizing up-to-date pedagogy, innovation, and professionalism, Rick’s work often focuses on nine topics: assessment/feedback/grading, differentiated instruction, leadership, literacy, motivation, cognitive science/linguistics, teacher-student relationships, racism and creativity. He has achieved many honors in his career, including being in the first group of Nationally Board Certified Teachers in the United States, winning the Outstanding English Teacher of the Nation award from Disney's American Teacher Awards, and being granted the James P. Garvin Award for Teaching Excellence, Service, and Leadership.

Rick has been a part of our professional development every year since 2002—we think of him as one of our own. Teachers choose his sessions to attend—off contract time—and he fills the room each time! Rick effortlessly blends research, common sense and humor to make each learning experience a memorable one. If you want someone to spark a dialogue about tough topics—like grading and homework practice—Rick is the one who can do that. He is so generous with his materials and time—we have many teachers who have active email exchanges with him! Each new book that Rick Wormeli writes is better than the one before, and each is filled with practical advice and ideas born of sound research. In a recent interview for a district leadership position, we asked the candidate whose work she followed. Her response began, “Well, Rick Wormeli, of course!” When I have a big question on my mind, I email Rick. He answers and never disappoints in the professional dialogue that follows!

There is no one I can recommend more highly than Rick Wormeli.  He is truly an educational genius.  Rick is the rare educator that has the ability to blend research and practice in a clear and understandable way.  Every time I read his work, hear him present or have any interaction with him it makes me a better person.  Rick has unlimited energy and is incredibly fun to learn from.  He has so many gifts to share with educators and we are fortunate to have his impact on education.  He makes the educational work a better place.

Todd Whitaker, Professor, Best-Selling Author, Educational Leader

Jan Heinen, Ph.D., Director of Instructional Support Program, Olathe Public Schools, Kansas



Herndon, VA

Tel: 703.994.5037

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